Fixtures for the Paarl Boishaai u15 Festival of 2019

Written by Hannes Nienaber

BoishaaiVlae School of Rugby | Fixtures for the Paarl Boishaai u15 Festival of 2019 - School of RugbySome of the top u15 school rugby teams in South Africa will once again be in action during the annual Paarl Boys' High u15 Festival in Paarl. The festival started back in 2005.

The hosts will face Monument of Krugersdorp in the main match of the opening day. Boishaai will face HTS Middelburg and Menlopark in their other two matches during the festival. The clash on the final day against Menlopark also promises to be one of the highlights of the festival. 

On the opening day, the match between Oakdale Landbou and Menlopark promises to produce some fireworks. On Day 2 Grey College of Bloemfontein will face Menlopark in the main match, while the game between Paarl Gimnasium and Monument will also be one not to miss. 

On the final day, there are three matches to look forward to - the main clash between Paarl Boys' High and Menlopark, Monument vs Oakdale Landbou as well as Paarl Gimnasium taking on Grey College. 

The Fixtures: 

Saturday, 16 March (Brug Street) 

09:00 - Paarl Boys' High XV vs Duineveld
10:00 - u16 - Paarl Boys' High XV vs Menlopark XV
11:00 - Menlopark XV vs Paul Roos Gimnasium XV
12:00 - Western Province XV vs Punt 
13:00 - Paarl Gimnasium vs HTS Middelburg
14:00 - Oakdale Landbou vs Brandwag (Uitenhage)
15:00 - Paul Roos Gimnasium vs Menloaprk
16:00 - Grey College vs Stellenberg
17:00 - Paarl Boys' High vs Monument

Monday, 18 March (Brug Street)  

08:00 - Paarl Boys' High XV vs Menlopark XV
09:00 - Paul Roos Gimnasium XV vs Punt
10:00 - Stellenberg vs Brandwag (Uitenhage)
11:00 - Oakdale Landbou vs Duineveld
12:00 - Paul Roos Gimnasium vs Western Province XV
13:00 - Paarl Gimnasium vs Monument
14:00 - Paarl Boys' High vs HTS Middelburg
15:00 - Grey College vs Menlopark

Wednesday, 20 March (Brug Street)

08:00 - Paarl Boys' High XV vs Punt
09:00 - Paul Roos Gimnasium vs HTS Middelburg
10:00 - Paarl Gimnasium vs Grey College
11:00 - Monument vs Oakdale Landbou
12:00 - Paarl Boys' High vs Menlopark


08:00 - Brandwag (Uitenhage) vs Menlopark XV
09:00 - Duineveld vs Paul Roos Gimnasium XV
10:00 - Stellenberg vs Western Province XV


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