Free State Fixtures - 2014

Written by Hannes Nienaber

22 February 2014 

Jim Fouche Sevens Tournament 

24 February 2014 

Jim Fouche vs. Diamantveld

1 March 2014 

Brandfort Rugby Day 

Jim Fouche vs. Klerksdorp HS

8 March 2014 

Fichardtpark Sports Day 
Grey College vs. Potchefstroom Gimnasium
Jim Fouche vs. Voortrekker (Bethlehem)
St. Andrews vs. Union HS

15 March 2014 

Louis Botha Rugby Day 
Grey College vs. Hentie Cilliers
Sentraal vs. Waterkloof
St. Andrews vs. St. Charles College

17 March 2014 

Grey College vs. Witteberg

22 March 2014 

Jim Fouche vs. Witteberg
Grey College vs. Duineveld

8 April 2014 

Sand du Plessis vs. Cherries

12 April 2014

Grey College vs. Louis Botha
Sentraal vs. Cherries
Fichardtpark vs. Jim Fouche
Zastron vs. President Steyn
St. Andrews vs. Brandfort
NJ Heyns vs. Martie du Plessis
Dewetsdorp vs. Hendrik Potgieter
Koffiefontein vs. Bohmer

15 April 2014 

Sand du Plessis vs. Sentraal
Zastron vs. St. Andrews
President Steyn vs. Hoerskool Bloemfontein

16 April 2014 

Fichardtpark vs. Landboudal

24 April 2014 

Fichardtpark vs. Cherries
Grey College vs. Sand du Plessis

6 May 2013 

St. Andrews vs. Hoerskool Bloemfontein 

10 May 2013 

Grey College vs. Affies 
Jim Fouche vs. Marlow Landbou
Fichardtpark vs. Sentraal
Louis Botha vs. Sand du Plessis
Zastron vs. Brandfort
Koffiefontein vs. Martie du Plessis 
Boshof vs. Dewetsdorp

13 May 2014 

Sentraal vs. Grey College
Jim Fouche vs. Sand du Plessis

17 May 2014

Grey College vs. Selborne College
Louis Botha vs. Fichardtpark
Sentraal vs. Jim Fouche
Zastron vs. Hoerskool Bloemfontein
President Steyn vs. Brandfort
St. Andrews vs. St. Alban's College
Boshof vs. Koffiefontein
Dewetsdorp vs. Martie du Plessis
Hendrik Potgieter vs. NJ Heyns

20 May 2014 

President Steyn vs. St. Andrews
Fichardtpark vs. Sand du Plessis

24 May 2014 

Grey College vs. Paarl Boys' High
Fichardtpark vs. Duineveld
Jim Fouche vs. Louis Botha
Brandfort vs. Hoerskool Bloemfontein
Boshof vs. Martie du Plessis
Koffiefontein vs. Hendrik Potgieter
Bohmer vs. Dewetsdorp 

7 June 2014 

St. Andrews vs. Bryanston

14 June 2014 

Konica Minolta Free State Bondedag

26 July 2014 

Grey College vs. Glenwood 
Jim Fouche vs. Duineveld
Louis Botha vs. Sentraal
Boshof vs. Hendrik Potgieter
Koffiefontein vs. NJ Heyns
Bohmer vs. Martie du Plessis

29 July 2014 

Grey College vs. Fichardtpark
Jim Fouche vs. Cherries

2 Augustus 2014 

Fichardtpark vs. Aliwal-Noord
Grey College vs. Jim Fouche
Louis Botha vs. Cherries
Sentraal vs. Duineveld
Bohmer vs. Hendrik Potgieter
Boshof vs. NJ Heyns
Koffiefontein vs. Dewetsdorp

9 August 2014

Grey College vs. Grey Boys' High School

16 August 2014 

Grey College vs. Maritzburg College

23 August 2014 

Grey College vs. Paul Roos Gimnasium 


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